Joyce Lee Releases New EP

The fabulous Joyce Lee has just released her new EP, “Songs of the Undeserving” – and it’s a solid winner.

We dont deserve this!

We don't deserve this!

From Joyce’s MySpace Bio:

Although singer-songwriter Joyce Lee was classically trained to play the piano since she was 5 years old, she decided to pursue a different musical style after falling in love with rock n’ roll. At 16, she taught herself to play the guitar and began writing her first songs. Encouraged by her friends, Joyce decided to pursue music as a career.

While Joyce has been complemented for her catchy songs and her sassy, witty lyrics, she is most well known for her powerful, expressive and soulful voice. In a review of her debut album, “Songs Of The Undeserving,” Steve Foley from states “be prepared to listen to ‘Undeserving’ several times in a row. If you don’t, you will miss ninety percent of what’s going on here. That’s because the first four or five times all you will hear – I repeat, all you will hear – is that gorgeous, gorgeous voice. That’s Joyce Lee. I think you’ll agree that she could sing a takeout menu and it would be just fine.”

But don’t take his word for it, listen to Joyce Lee’s music yourself to hear the songwriter who’s been called “brilliant” and is “…as beautiful off stage as she is on…”

Entire review here PLUS MORE about Joyce

Get the EP at these and other places:


CD Baby

Join Joyce on FACEBOOK   and watch her on YouTube

and for ALL THINGS JOYCE LEE look HERE!  She’s everywhere!

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