Kinzli and the kiloWatts

Kinzli Coffman, frontwoman of Brit band the kiloWatts

Kinzli Coffman, frontwoman of Brit band the kiloWatts


About Kinzli & the kiloWatts 
U.K. band Kinzli & the KiloWatts is fronted by South Korean born Kinzli Coffman.  She released her debut album in 2007 titled ‘Going just to be going’ on her own label Polkadot Records.  She and the band are currently working on their second album.  Kinzli & the KiloWatts’ music embodies any genre that takes their fancy.

The Band:
Kinzli Coffman: vocals, guitar, ukelele, Casio
Vince Webb: Piano, synths, melodica
Peter Elliot: guitar, shaker
Andrej Pirjevec/Andrew Russell: drums/percussion
Karl Rasheed Abel/Richard Coughlan: bass
Barbara Bartz: violin
Nathan Octavia: slide guitar, classical guitar
Frankie Nicholas: Backing vocals, autoharp, shakers


Hear Kinzli and the kiloWatts – “We Walk For Peace”

[audio: walk for peace.mp3|titles=We Walk For Peace]

PRESS COMMENTS about Kinzli’s debut album “Going just to be going”:

“This record is one of the best performances I have reviewed. The production is sublime, the band is full of enthusiasm and Kinzli creates a style and a standard for us all to admire.”
– Beckie A, THE MAG

“Kinzli is a musical magpie picking up the shiny bits everyone loves from an impressive range of genres. So much so, Going Just To Be Going is more like a great compilation tape than an album from one artist.”
– The Fly

“It’s that sort of honesty and emotion that runs through the album and gives you the connection, you also know it’s coming from the heart from a very talented lady who has certainly lived.”
– The Beat Surrender

Buy Kinzli’s debut album from: (for physical CDs)

Here’s Kinzli and the kiloWatts with “Don’t Shoot”

[audio: shoot.mp3|titles=Don’t Shoot]


Photo: Lee Gilmore
Photo: Lee Gilmore

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