Kristina Wong – Sheliciously Shelarious

Kristina Wong is living proof that smart girls can be funny – and vice-versa.  But comedy is not all she does.  In fact, she’s so versatile she can safely be called an industry.  From her website:

Kristina Wong is a nationally presented solo performer, writer, actor, educator, culture jammer, and filmmaker. Described by the East Bay Express as “brutal but hilarious… a woman who takes life’s absurdities very seriously,” her body of performance work includes short and full-length solo performance works, outrageous street theater stunts and pranks, subversive internet installations, and plays and sketch comedy.  Her performances have been shown in spaces that include:  the Public Theater, REDCAT, Mark Taper Forum, Jumpstart Performance Company (San Antonio, TX), La MaMa ETC, the Painted Bride (Philadelphia, PA), the Comedy Central Workspace among dozens of others.   She was awarded the Creative Capital Award in Theater and a Creation Fund from the National Performance Network to create her third full-length solo show, “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” exploring the remarkably high incidence of suicide among Asian American women in a world that’s more nuts than we are. Kristina wrote and performed in the CBS Multicultural Comedy Showcase. Her show “Free?” was also featured at Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival in Miami. Kristina was invited as the alumna commencement speaker for the 2008 UCLA Department of English graduation.  She is completing a novel started with the PEN USA Rosenthal Emerging Voices Fellowship. She is a freelance contributor to anthologies and magazines that include Playgirl Magazine.


See for yourself:



More to the point, Kristina herself says:

“I am an artist who identifies as a solo performer, writer, actor and whatever other crap I can half ass. I live in West LA with my cat but am on tour almost half the year.  I thought that when I moved to LA, I’d be a Hollywood rat like everyone else out here, but for some reason have found myself making a good living as a fringe artist. It’s weird. Even when I try to sell out and do more commercial work, I find myself making an easier living doing something that’s more fun, more progressive, and more me. I am very lucky. I get to work from home and write travel columns in my PJs. Spend the work day with my cat. Show my work in amazing places. My friends are inspiring and hilarious. And most importantly, I get to be true to myself every day.”


 A little self-promotion is healthy.



Wong Factoids:


Probe deeply into the psyche of Kristina Wong at:  Kristina’s Kickass Website   Kristina’s MySpace     Kristina’s Mail-Order Bride Site.  Want more?  Google her – she’s everywhere.  Please support this artist and bring her to your town.

1 thought on “Kristina Wong – Sheliciously Shelarious

  1. Married yourself? This kind of commitment is unusual I think. Might remind people that ‘two wongs don’t make a wite (spell THAT how you like)

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