Kanree – Songs For All Nations


Kanree sings “Trust In You”



Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, Kanree has been singing since she was 4. Growing up, her life was always based around music. She has been playing the piano ever since kindergarten, taught herself the guitar, and also has a little history with the flute. She has participated in the school choir from the fourth grade to her senior year, auditioned for the county choir and made it in, sang for the worship team at church, and when she moved to college, she has helped out with the worship team there doing vocals and playing piano.

Her debut Hmong Christian album titled “Kuv Paub, Kuv Ntseeg,” which translates to “I know, I believe,” was released during the summer of 2009 in Sacramento, California. She spent most of the summer traveling to promote her album. Produced by Jacob Yang the album mainly consists of the Hmong language while there are other english songs included. There are a great variety of songs which sends many messages. The songs speak of using the Lord through oneself to share his grace and mercy to the world, Faith, living a pure and holy life, and trusting in the Lord to guide oneself when they are lost and in complete brokeness. Kanree hopes to share His messages through her album to the youth and to the world. She lives by the verse of Psalm 57:9 which says, “I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples.”


Kanree sings “Dawbhuv”



To hear more of Kanree’s music , purchase an album, or if you have any questions regarding her music visit her website at: www.myspace.com/kanreemoua



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