Sue Jin at Peace

Ms. Sue Jin

Simply put, Sue Jin is one of the most distinguished voices on the indie scene today.  The multi-talented Californian has been a mainstay on ATO since the beginning (dig around in the basement archives) and with good reason — she’s amazing.  Here’s further proof of that – her new song “Peace“.  This version is a demo, recorded by Sue herself in her home.  What’s interesting about this cut is how lack of studio polish actually seems to work in Sue’s favor.  The spare instrumentation lets the warmth and clarity of her big voice punch through the track, giving the listener a true picture of the Sue Jin Sound.  After this you’ll want to hit Sue’s Facebook and Myspace pages – download her new single, “Made of Sand” , and grab a copy of her recent CD, “Worth the Tears”.   

Sue Jin sings “Peace”

[audio: jin peace.mp3|titles=Peace]


Sue is also an extraordinary writer – and here’s an inspiring blog post about her bittersweet experiences at last year’s Lunar New Year Festival in L.A.’s Chinatown.

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