WaterStreet in a Nutshell

What do you think of “Down WaterStreet”? Love it? Hate it? Have some questions or some comments/suggestions to share? This is the place to do it.

Well, we’re happy.

The “Down WaterStreet” strip has been retooled and restarted and promises to be better than ever. For the uninitiated, here’s a brief history of the strip:

2008 – The embyonic version of the strip appeared under the title “Walk On”. This early effort was a traditional hand-drawn comic in full color. Then, as now, the action centered around a bar – but the establishment was located in an unnamed city and was quite small. The main characters at that time were Ray the bartender (an actor wannabe), his boss and assorted friends. Sue was also present, sort of, but with a completely different name and backstory. “Walk On” lasted roughly 15 episodes and was retired when the orignal artist got too busy to carry on. This comic is now considered “lost” — cuz we can’t find any examples of it anywhere in our files.

2008-2009 – “Down WaterStreet” launched in November of ’08 and continued, off and on, until mid 2009. “Waterstreet” was loosely based on “Walk On” – but some characters were deleted, others added, and the locale of the bar was changed to an island community just across the bridge from a large unnamed city. Ray the bartender was still a main character, but the focus shifted to Sue, an aspiring singer/songwriter who arrives on the scene by accident; literally, as she crashes her car into a streetlight in front of the pub. Early episodes dealt with Sue’s integration into the community and attempts to gain a fanbase for her music. Later strips de-emphasized the music and concentrated on other action in the bar. Many of these later episodes were pulled after only a short time on-site — and several more have never been posted at all.

The biggest difference between “Walk On” and “WaterStreet” is the way the strips are created. “Walk On” was pen and ink, while “WaterStreet” is totally computer-generated in programs like 3D Studio Max and Poser. Post production work is performed in Photoshop.

February 2010 – “Down WaterStreet” is retooled, reimagined, revamped and relaunched on ATO. Although much has changed, the new incarnation (credited to Savannah Pepper) picks up one “cartoon year” after the previous strip ended. Stories will have broader, more interrelated arcs and the series will be more of an “ensemble piece” than before. Lots of new characters will emerge.

Some of the old cast remains, but their appearances have been refined. Also, the bar has been expanded and all sets are more detailed.

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