Nursing Sick Beats

Patricia Anne Coronel

All About Tricia Anne Music

Name: Patricia Anne Coronel, but they call me Trish or Tricia!
Born: October 11, 1988
Random Fact: I’m known for doing fob accents. If music and nursing
don’t work out, I may just do comedy! lol

Mini Bio:

I’m just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary love for all things music, dance, and fashion. I was born in the Philippines and lived there till age 3, then I came here to California. I’ve been surrounded by music and dance my whole life which makes sense because thats how my parents met! I started really singing when I was about 4 or 5 singing for my aunt’s and uncle’s who would lovingly bribe me with promises of money and candy. I’m just kidding, but I wasn’t kidding about the singing since age 4! Truth is, my big breaks came when I got asked to sing the US national anthem for a conference and it just went up from there. I eventually started singing for benefit concerts to raise money for the poverty stricken areas of the Philippines. I haven’t stopped singing or dancing since.

My Music:

Like many others, I gave into the allure of youtube covers when my guitar playing brother asked me to sing for his video. [He clearly can’t sing! LOL] I’ve sort of taken over the youtube channel ever since! That lead to the creation of my myspace music page where I posted tracks of my covers. The quality of the tracks were not exactly great [imagine a noob using garageband on a mac haha] which is what irritated and got my cousin Justin Domingo’s attention. Justin is an incredibly talented kid with a voice that needs to be heard and an ear for the sickest beats. He was mixing some beats in his new studio set up and posting them on his myspace music page with out any vocals. One day, he came to me and asked me to collaborate with him on an original track. He challenged me to write my first song to one of his beats and thats how the really good stuff started! Our first track “Too Fast” got pretty good responses so we went back to the lab for round 2. We made our second track “I Wanna See You”, which did even better than our first songs. Basically, recording original songs is relatively new for me, but music has always been in my life. As of now, Justin and I are talking about working on another track soon and we hope it doesn’t disappoint the people supporting us so far.

Tricia Anne Sings “Too Fast”

[audio: fast.mp3|titles=too fast]

A Quick Update:

You’d think with all I’ve said so far I’d be doing something music related, but I’m currently in nursing school. [I know, a filipino nurse…real shocking! haha] Music is still definitely my passion, though,and I’d love to do it for a living or even for no pay at all…simply for the love of it. On March 6th, I will be performing for a private show for some Filipino press people at Max’s Restaurant in the Puente Hills mall, which is my first big deal performance in a long time. I’m trying to put my music out there, so if anyone is looking for a guest performer…contact me! Its all shameless promotion, right? LOL Also, be sure to check out my youtube, I’m working on collaborating with an amazing beatboxer named RJ “Audacity” Rowe for a fun new video!

As far as my tracks go, if you like what you hear, my music is totally
FREE and downloadable!
Links to the goods:

Myspace Music Page:


DL my songs FREE here:

BlogTV Live Webshows:
Also, check out my cousin:

Justin “minortwitch” Domingo
The Beat Master:

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