Jennivere Song Lee – A Face to Watch

Is there anything this girl can’t do??

Seriously – Jennivere Song Lee is one of those rare people who can somehow pack more into 20-some-odd years than most people can cram into a lifetime.  Just scan her IMDB resume and you’ll get a fair idea of her background, skills, education and experience.  It’s enough to inspire neon green envy – that is, if it didn’t inspire so much respect.  Model, actress, playwright — been there, done that.  And she’s just getting warmed up.  This year alone her partial itinerary includes a movie in Italy followed by the New York staging of her new play (she wrote it!).  And oh yeah there’s that whole “Miss Photogenic New York” at the “Miss Photogenic of the World 2011” pageant in London that she’s gotta deal with.  To find out how Jennivere spends all her free time (as if!), read our FEATURE ARTICLE.  And memorize that face – you WILL see it again.

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