Jennivere Song Lee – Creative Nature Defined

From Jennivere’s Bio:

Jennivere Song Lee was born in Queens, New York to Korean parents.  She is a first generation Korean American. From an early age Jennivere had a strong passion for the arts.  She took tap, jazz and ballet classes throughout her childhood as well as piano lessons, painting classes and made costumes for church plays.  Her mother always supported her creative nature and pushed her to work hard in order to achieve her dreams.  Jennivere was taught a strong work ethic and worked two jobs after school as soon as she was of legal age to find employment.  She worked weekdays after school at an ice cream bakery and as an orthodontist assistant during the weekends.  

When she was 16, her mother enrolled her in fashion design classes at the Fashion Institute of technology. Taking notice of Jennivere’s restlessness and need to be creative her English teacher recommended she take a drama class which she enjoyed but never considered pursuing since it was rare to see Asian actors on television.  Upon graduation from highschool, she took a break to work, travel, write and soul search.  After a year or so she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology as a Fashion Design major.  However, while at FIT she remembered her first love which she considers to be so much more fulfilling as an art form- writing.  Taking a break from her studies again to work and experience life she has worked several different jobs and holds a certification as a personal fitness trainer, a real estate license, she has worked as a waitress, a photographic model, a personal assistant, temp work, as event staff and even as a street canvasser for Greenpeace during a very cold winter! She feels that all her life experiences only add enrichment and fuels her need to experience even more life has to offer. 

During a period when she felt lost and confused about the direction of her life she met a fellow New York actor who encouraged her to give acting a try and introduced her to several acting techniques and books. With her new love of acting she trained at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute in New York City while pursuing her degree in Human Development/ Psychology through a State University of New York distance learning program.  After studying at Lee Strasberg in 2008 she began going on auditions and has since appeared in music videos, webisodes, a film for the Asian American Film Lab’s 72 hour shootout,  student films, indie films, comedy pilots and has been featured as a model for websites.   Jennivere  has been given the title of Miss Photogenic New York 2010 for the Miss Photogenic of the World 2011 pageant this summer in London, U.K.   Her first love is still writing and her semi-fictional play titled “Happy Hollowdays” will have a mostly Asian American and ethnic cast.  The play, which she wrote and will be acting in is currently in development with director Mark Bloom and is set to hit the stage during the Holiday Season of 2010. 

Severely bitten by the acting bug,  Jennivere hopes more and more ethnic actors will be given the opportunity to portray characters, once only open to Caucasian actors.  After all many stories aren’t reliant on the color of one’s skin but rather their involvement in human nature.  She hopes this will happen very, very soon and doesn’t plan on giving up this dream anytime soon!

This summer Jennivere will be portraying Shihong, a mysterious eastern pianist in Vexations, a thriller-horror movie written and directed by Ugo Frosi.  The cast includes Mattia Zaccaro, Eleonora Albrecht, Gerry Shanahan, Eleanor James and Marisya Kay and will be filmed  in July 2010 in Umbria and Orvieto, Italy.   Vexations is a “Dark, haunting story set in the world of music and centered on the eternal conflict between the Apollonian and Dionysian spirit…Great emotional tension….” Italian Ministry of Culture, Film Department.

Jennivere is represented by  Multi-Ethnic Talent & Promotion, Inc.
Manager- Annette Alvarez and Joan C. Silverman  (917)-689-8459


Read More About Jennivere Song Lee:
Contact:  JsL (347)761-4500

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