Malea McGuinness "Close As Air"

The much-anticipated new CD from Malea McGuinness has arrived.  

The songs on CLOSE AS AIR, such as the title track–which pays tribute to one of her close friends and personal musical mentors–represent a longing for closeness and the kind of extended family MALEA feels she missed out on as a child, a community that has formed on the Internet, where her music has been discovered by 30,000 fans on MySpace alone.“It’s about having faith in something you can’t necessarily see or touch,” she says, “a higher calling, a higher being… Which is ironic because the first song I started to write when I came out to L.A. was ‘Close As Air.’ I never realized who it was about until I finished.”

Hear the title cut:

[audio:|titles=Close As Air – Malea McGuinness]

For more about Malea and how to get the new CD, VISIT HER SITE.

2 thoughts on “Malea McGuinness "Close As Air"

  1. Malea McGuinness has blown me away from the moment I heard her singing. Don’t let her small petite figure fool you. Her sultry voice sweeps me off my feet and her live performances are a must see. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to describe and from the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand….until you hear her music! Make sure you grab her latest CD “Close As Air” one of my favorites “Spinning”…a combination of fast and slow songs, the entire CD is beautifully mastered!

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