Annie from Portland with Video

She’s back!!  With video this time!  It’s the mysterious Annie … or Dango… or Annie Dango…. or Annie Dang, Dang Annie…. or something like that.  Well, all we know for sure is that she’s from Portland and she seriously needs to get into a proper recording studio ASAP.  Until then we will have to content ourselves with her YouTube offerings and her MySpace audio files.  Check out ALL of Annie’s stuff — and beg her to do some more.  We want a CD!!

2 thoughts on “Annie from Portland with Video

  1. OMG, she is unbelievable, so soulful and amazing voice, gave me the goose bumps, she has to come out with an album, she’s a cross between Annie Lennox and some of the most amazing black female artists. Please come out with an album.Love it.

  2. Annie shows up at Coyote’s Bar And Grill in Hillsboro occasionally on Sunday open mike nights. Every time she plays she take my breath away.

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