Is It Worth It To Continue?

ATO has been around about 3 years now — trying to build and grow and going thru numerous changes — but the end may be in sight.  It just doesn’t seem worth it to continue when nobody visits here.  Actually, according to site stats, we get a LOT of visitors from all over the world — but nobody ever comments, which makes it seem like nobody ever comes around. 

So — it is worth our trouble to continue with this thing?  Probably not.  It’s still being debated — but at this moment the future of this site is in serious doubt.


6 thoughts on “Is It Worth It To Continue?

  1. I share your feelings and doubts – without comments about what you are saying or doing (not spam) it makes all the effort even more tiring. But what you do is simply very important, and worth doing – the name is clear- Try not to give up. Just a friendly comment!

  2. Hey, I really like your site. It is also a pagerank 3. I would consider asking someone else to editorial content, selling it on flippa, or simply not write anymore. The content itself will still proliferate on the web. Good luck!

  3. Hey Nutball, lack of comments doesn’t mean ppl don’t like you, they’re just shy! I would be heartbroken if this site went away. I think it’s fun to see other Asians in the arts. Don’t you dare take this site down!! 😀

  4. If you quit, there isn’t another place for asians in the arts to gather online (that I know of). I can understand downtime, time to regroup/recreate/reconsider… but if you quit, you’ll be like so many other sites that tried and gave up when the going got difficult.
    I hope that you will have the time and space to see if this project is a worthy one for you. Maybe we will see a rebirth of AsianTalentOnline.
    Best Wishes,

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