Inaugural (Short) Post

When Steve asked me to blog for AsianTalentOnline, my first reaction was “crap, do I have time?” Turns out, I have very limited time, as evidenced by the lateness of this blog post. Steve asked me to blog about two weeks ago, and this is the first time I’m getting to it.

My second thought, of course, is “I will MAKE time.” So here I am. In my blogs, I will try and ruminate about the state of Asian American artists and musicians and hopefully entertain you, dear reader. Although my humor bone has been lacking as of late. And I will probably also blog about random things going on in the world. Like how much I miss the snow now that I’m back in Los Angeles.

So here it is. My first blog post on ATO. More later.

1 thought on “Inaugural (Short) Post

  1. Cool! I love opinions on AA artists and musicians. I wish there were more Asian Americans in both film and music, AAs tend to be a very under-represented part of the population in American movies and pop music & that needs to change. I know there are plenty of hapa women actresses, but it would be cool to see more in the way of film directors, music producers, and people who aren’t necessarily “stars” but who bring a creative vision to life.

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