Get Shy With Cynthia Lin

Cynthia Lin

From Cynthia’s WEBSITE:

Drawing comparisons to Edith Piaf and Joni Mitchell, San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Cynthia Lin captivates audiences with a rich, outsized voice and witty, honest storytelling. Since 2003, Cynthia has released three albums independently and toured colleges and venues across the country. Her first album Blue and Borderlined was featured on NPR’s Open Mic series, and her second album Doppelganger was named one of the Top 5 Asian American Albums of 2007 by The uncommon blend of retro jazz with acoustic fingerstyle guitar and a bluesy vocal delivery makes Cynthia’s style unmistakable yet classic.

On her latest album Microscope, released in October 2010, Cynthia takes full artistic ownership; she recorded, arranged, engineered, mixed, and produced the nine-song collection, which includes three reinterpreted covers. The songs revolve around escapism, longing, hope, and ultimately self-discovery; the stories range from an overseas travelogue (Holiday) to an activist rally song (New Day) to a look at oneself through the eye of another (Microscope). The album is available exclusively at in multiple formats, including digital download and deluxe packages with a hand-letterpressed recycled cardboard CD case, printed by Cynthia herself.

Now here’s an EXTRA BONUS:  a new video of the album cut “I’m Shy” — performed, shot and edited in such a way that you can clearly see what Cynthia’s doing .  Musicians, here’s a great opportunity to learn a cool song.  And HERE is the guitar tab.

Also visit Cynthia on Facebook.

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