Natalise Update (Love and Other Things)

Natalise! No Last Name Necessary.

Keeping up with human whirlwind/recording artist Natalise could well be a full-time job – albeit a pleasant one.  Google her and she seems to be everywhere all at once!  Fortunately, the lovely singer makes it a trifle easier to pin her down by way of her excellent website/blog – to be found at .  From there you can check out her Facebook page, sample her music on YouTube, hook up with her on Twitter and much, much more. 

And now – you can get ADVICE from Natalise too!  Yep, your relationship questions answered at .  Hey, look, anybody who writes songs like hers MUST know a thing or two about affairs of the heart. 

Speaking of “songs like hers”, here’s one to keep you occupied until her new video (Open Me) hits the street.  We’ll let ya know when that happens too!

We’ve featured Natalise on ATO before — and will continue to do so!  Can you blame us?  🙂

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