New? Yes. Improved? Hmmm….

Well, we up and did it.  We finally made good on our threat and pulled the plug on the “old” Asian Talent Online.  Specifically, we vacated the hosted version of the page and switched over to a account.  You may not have noticed, however, because our domain name remains the same — but now it points to a different place. 

Why have we taken this step?  Several reasons, but mostly it boils down to the expense of keeping up a “real” website that we no longer have much time to maintain.  Add to that the guilt associated with not properly executing our core mission — and the nagging lazy feeling we had about ourselves because we took a long, long hiatus. 

So — we’ve switched over to a “free” blog page.  That way, if we don’t update regularly we won’t feel too terribly, awfully bad about it.  And it’s better than the other option — the Nuclear Solution that would wipe the site off the face of the internet altogether.  We contemplated that several months ago but (to our great surprise) we got LOTS of email asking us NOT to chuck it all. 

Therefore, in the interest of keeping the brand more-or-less alive and satisfying the small band of the faithful, Asian Talent Online shall live on.  Whether we prosper or not is anybody’s guess – but at least we can say we’re still in here pitching. 

For a while (possibly forever) you will notice a really choppy look to some of the previously published articles on the site — that’s because the transition from self-hosted blog to WordPress-hosted blog was not seamless.  In fact, lots of material did not make it through the wormhole and, we imagine, burned up somewhere in cyberspace.  As time goes on we will attempt to resurrect some of that content, so don’t despair.  And if there was something you really, really liked on the old site, let us know and we’ll make reposting that a priority.

That’s about it for the moment.  As always, thanks for dropping by and please check back often.  In spite of everything, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.


3 thoughts on “New? Yes. Improved? Hmmm….

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