So – why Asian Talent Online?

We get that question a lot. In fact, some people really take us to task for what they perceive this site to be – rather than what it really is. Bear with me and I’ll try to explain.

In the beginning, Asian Talent Online was a website catering to those in the entertainment industry – actors, filmmakers, casting agents and so forth. We were basically a database, posting casting calls and offering space for people to promote their talents, network with peers and hopefully build a community. And yes – it was specifically for Asians. Truth is, we’re not yet in a post-racial world – and good evidence of that can be found in the film/tv industry. When a production is seeking to fill a role, they have certain requirements in mind – age, gender, size …. and race. Sure, some roles could be played by actors of any ethnicity — but when somebody wants a certain thing, might as well make it easy to find. That was the idea here.

So, the original Asian Talent Online rocked on for several months, but it was a slow build. Then, things like MySpace and Facebook made it easy for everybody to put themselves out there to a worldwide audience. We certainly couldn’t compete with that, so we looked for another angle. It caught our attention that whenever we featured music on the site, our stats jumped quite a bit. So, rocket scientists that we are, we figured entertainment was the way to go.

What’s in a name?

Well, we already had the name and we didn’t want to totally reinvent the wheel. We had reservations about the implications of “Asian Talent Online” — but ya know what — it is what it is. It’s just a name. None of our featured artists are terribly bothered by appearing on an “Asian” site. They don’t bill themselves as “Asian Artists” and they don’t think being here puts them in a box. They are (for the most part) artists who happen to be Asian — and this is a website that happens to have “Asian” in the title.

Whatever you think this site is or isn’t, one thing is clear: we have brought people together. We are very proud of the fact that many artists have connected through ATO and have gone on to become friends and even collaborators. And there are numerous instances of ATO peeps sharing stages together after becoming acquainted here. Can it get any better than that?

Once more for the record–

Asian Talent Online is a creative community for all persons engaged in the arts – actors, directors, singers, musicians, bands, performance artists, fine artists, photographers and more. This is a free place to network, communicate and promote your skills. We invite you to join.

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