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Ain’t lyin’– I love me some Christmas!  And I miss it (here in early Feb) — so watching this vid brings back good feelings.  We present — Alfa Garcia and the Sushi Sashimi Combo.

Emi Hart sings.


Who:      Emi Hart

What:     Singer/Songwriter

Where:    Honolulu, Hawaii

Band:      Just me – I make coffee nervous!

Influences:Ex-boyfriend losers, high school, nerdy boys, heartbreak, cheerleading, traveling the world, great love, being a girl and my mom.


Born and raised in Hawaii I’m a singer/songwriter who writes about everyday miracles, inner beauty and self-acceptance. My songs are reflections of my quirky, eccentric personality and life experiences.

My goal is to become a professional songwriter and to one day have multiple billboard hit songs. You know that song you can’t get out of your head and it’s driving you insane? Well, I want that to be my song! 

More about Emi Hart HERE

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